Vote NO on Measure A!

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Vote NO on Measure A!

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Citizens for North County started this petition to Residents of Carlsbad!

 Dear Carlsbad Residents, 

On February 23, 2016 the future of Carlsbad will be written by YOU, the voters. We rallied to bring the lagoon mall project to a vote of the people, despite tremendous opposition and misinformation and WE WON!

Now, we, your friends and neighbors, ask you to VOTE NO on Measure A. 
We fought HARD for the right to vote. Now, we must turn out and protect our way of life. NO MALL. No on A. VOTE FEBRUARY 23rd. 


Measure A = GRIDLOCK

  • 12.8 Million visitors a year and up to 35,00 vehicle trips per day. 
  • Excludes Carlsbad from express lane direct access...FOREVER. 
  • Increases I-5 freeway traffic congestion from La Costa Ave. to Tamarack Blvd. 
  • Measure A “will likely result in as many as six additional near-term significant impacts on key routes to the coast, including both intersections of the Cannon Road & I-5 interchange.” 
  • Gridlock at the access ramps, on I-5, on local roads, and to get to the beach.

Measure A gives control to a Developer with no oversight for 15 years

  • No engineering plans/drawings have been provided. Why would the people of Carlsbad approve a development sight unseen? 
  • Exempts the development from Carlsbad’s existing general plan, zoning, grading, height and other development regulations. 
  • Prohibits any changes, even by the City Council for 15 years (until 2031), 
 even if the development creates costly unforeseen problems. 
  • Measure A is not a plan, it is a LAW.

Measure A is rooted in Deception

  • Used the Initiative Process to bypass California Environmental laws, and the City of Carlsbad’s planning processes. 
  • Developer spent $5.3 Million to:

              • hide their intentions to build a mall.
              • attempt to stop a vote of the people. 

  • Developer continues to claim “no cost to taxpayers” although the special election will cost taxpayers well over $750,000. 

VOTE on February 23, 2016 


- Citizens for North County

Citizens for North County, No on Measure A With Major Funding by Westfield, LLC * ID# 1380112. 




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This petition had 1,802 supporters