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Close the Abattoir Offices in the VI to Redirect Funding to Plant Agriculture Development

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Locally tens of thousands of animals are being slaughtered senselessly for the profit of a handful of livestock farmers.  Local meat production is not the solution to our growing food or health crisis.  Thousands of pounds of meat  and other animal products are shipped to the Virgin Islands every year which more than exceeds the local demand for all animal products.  To senselessly end the life of our local domesticated animals just to have a local meat industry is not only morally wrong but a inappropriate use of tax dollars.  

Over a MILLION Dollars in local subsidies are directed to the upkeep of the Abattoir Offices which only benefit a handful of animal farmers.  Money desperately need by local fruit and vegetable farmers to promote conservation and agriculture development. The abattoir division is draining the agriculture department which must divide sparse federal funding, channeling much needed funds away from the local fruit and vegetable farmers who better utilize funding to meet the dire health needs of our local community. Local subsidies in agriculture should be used to support healthy eating programs such as fresh fruits and vegetables with emphasis on local plant varieties.  Agriculture development and conservation receives only a fraction of department funds compared to the bloated budget of the abattoir division although both development and conservation is need to ensure that agriculture in the Virgin Islands remains sustainable and high yielding to meet local fruit and vegetable demands.  In addition to an inappropriate use of much needed agricultural funding, the abattoir division is failing in its ability to generate monies to justify its bloated budget.  Moreover, Fees collected can not sustain the personnel and maintenance cost of operating the abattoir division.

We need your signature to close the costly, burdensome abattoir division and demand that the department of agriculture increase funding of local agriculture development and conservation.

The American Dietitian Association states that a vegan diet of fresh fruits and vegetables prevents disease. A diet of ANIMAL PROTEIN has been linked to health problems worldwide.  Over 750 scientific studies prove that eating animal products causes cardiovascular disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, premature death, premature aging, high cholesterol, and obesity.  Numerous scientific studies demonstrate the direct link between eating animals and dairy products with the cause and increase risks of cancers. The evidence is clear that Eating ANIMALS leads to serious and long-term chronic illnesses.  There are many advantages of eating only plants which has been proven to be the most effective way to CURE AND ELIMINATE chronic conditions and diseases.  Plants lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, lowers the risks of diabetes, lowers the risks of obesity, prevents aging and premature death, prevents cancer and heart disease.

It is important for us to build awareness about the plight of animals worldwide.  Animals desperately need us to act against their continuous pain and suffering.  Animal slaughter is a cruel and barbaric practice which yields no moral or health value.  Please sign this petition and speak out on behalf of the domesticated animals in the Virgin Islands

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