Pay and Treat Women Soccer Players the Same As Male Players

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We support the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team in their fight against gender discrimination in professional sports.  We call on the U.S. Soccer Federation Board of Directors to do the right thing and end gender discrimination in soccer for the sake of future generations of young women athletes and the integrity of the sport.  

On International Women’s Day, the world champion team filed a gender discrimination suit against the U.S. Soccer Federation, citing salary disparities and unequal support, including inferior training, promotion, and playing conditions than their male counterparts. Despite consistently greater success on the field than the U.S. Men’s Soccer team, the three-time world champion, four-time Olympic gold medal U.S. Women’s Soccer team continues to be paid a fraction of the salary paid to members of the men’s team. In addition, unequal treatment by the federation often exposes female athletes to more hazardous conditions to practice, train, perform, and recover. 

The team's lawsuit comes at a time when women are increasingly empowered to fight for equality throughout society. Young girls around the world look to the players on the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team as role models who exemplify unmatched strength, ability, talent, and fearlessness. The team stands as a testament to U.S. Title IX, the 1972 federal legislation that guarantees equal opportunity in education, which greatly advanced women’s athletics. Their lawsuit sends a message of solidary with women worldwide who are fighting for equality in the workplace and presents an important teachable moment for our children, both girls and boys, about gender discrimination and the ongoing fight for women’s equal rights.

Sign this petition if you believe that attaining gender equality is critical to the wellbeing of all members of society, and find the inequality between the U.S. Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams to be unacceptable. We have cheered these women on to championships on the field, and now it is time for us to cheer them on in court. We stand in solidarity with the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team.