Proctor & Gamble: Support Mothers, Drop TMZ

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Proctor & Gamble: Support Mothers, Drop TMZ

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Leah McSweeney started this petition to Procter & Gamble and

TMZ has repeatedly attacked pregnant women and new mothers for their appearance. Meanwhile, companies like Proctor & Gamble—that own brands like Pampers and regularly tout its support for mothers—keep advertising on TMZ.

It’s time for companies that stand with mothers to stop supporting TMZ.

TMZ's appalling coverage of pregnant celebrities breeds insecurity and perpetuates dangerous body image myths. Pregnancy is both a sacred and sensitive time in a woman's life. TMZ's shocking praise of celebrities' rapid post-pregnancy weight loss normalizes the idea that pregnancy weight loss should be a top priority.

These glorified celebrities can afford to dedicate entire months to private chefs and daily exercise, however to an average woman, these privileges are inaccessible. Weight loss should not be a priority for a woman post-pregnancy. It is a time to celebrate and cherish the creation of life.

Proctor & Gamble has traditionally always supported mothers. During the most recent Winter Olympics, they launched a heartwarming series of advertisements that honored the moms of Olympic athletes. Now, Proctor & Gamble runs digital advertisements on TMZ—a site that continues to degrade the sanctity of motherhood. 

Women shouldn't have to worry about their bodies during and post-pregnancy. Let's shift the focus to raising our kids responsibly and lovingly.

Let's put an end to TMZ's torment of pregnant women and their praise of unhealthy weight loss. 


Tell Proctor & Gamble to stop advertising its products on TMZ.


Thank you,

Leah McSweeney


Here is a picture of Proctor & Gamble’s Pampers advertisement on TMZ:

Examples of TMZ's sexist articles: 

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This petition had 3,376 supporters