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Carl's Jr.: Clean up your advertising campaigns to stop objectifying women

Carl's JR has always been known to advertise their burgers in a very demeaning way to women. Carl's Jr. shouldn't make these commercials with half naked women eating messy burgers. Men relate food to pleasure and women to pleasure and Carls' JR has made that connection and is using it against men and women in order to sell more burgers. The images reveal that about men: sex sells and burgers get sold to more men then women.

I think that women are in danger of these images because, as many have already pointed out, it portrays women as pleasure "items", like burgers. Women are not items. We cannot be "obtained" and aren't here for merely the pleasure of men. We are all different and come in all different shapes and sizes and we cannot compete with the images portrayed to these boys and men.

Get soft-porn OFF our TVs! It isn't worth it and does more harm than good. Shouldn't Carl's Jr. care more about what they are portraying then selling more burgers?

Here are some examples of Carl's Jr.'s Ads. Do you want your child to see these??!! I don't! Please don't watch if you are around children! But here are some appauling examples that you can be made aware of that air nationally!

As you can see, there are more than one example of this horrible advertizing by Carls' Jr. Help make it stop! Sign the petition and share with everyone you know! Thank you!

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  • Carl's Jr., Hardee's, Andrew F. Puzder, Brad R. Haley

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