We need a NEW Nobel Prize for CLIMATE to encourage and to thank those who fight for us!

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The Nobel Prizes, given every year in Norway and Sweden, were established over 100 years ago to celebrate "those who during the previous year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind". We need to implore The Nobel Foundation to use their global reputation to shine the brightest light on global activists and to the most effective innovations or discoveries actually brought into use during the previous year. We need to ask the foundation to break with tradition and establish this new Nobel Prize for CLIMATE to encourage more activism and encourage more creative minds to try and innovate our way out of the mess the world has gotten itself into.

Alfred Nobel was an inventor with 355 inventions, including his most famous, dynamite. He understood how innovation could change the world. In his day, war was the overriding fear of the day. His decision to award a Peace Prize as well as recognizing the contributions in science and literature spoke to the needs of those particular times. If he were alive today, he would see how activists and innovation are being called upon to be the answer to the overriding fear of today which is our fast-deteriorating environment. In 1969, the Nobel Foundation broke its own rule and added an new award called the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. This precedent means there is an opportunity to start a discussion to add a new Nobel Prize as soon as possible. We need to create a wave of support world-wide that sends a message as clearly as possible that we want the Nobel Foundation to lend their support to this worthy cause so our children and their descendants will enjoy this beautiful world. Please sign this petition and spread the word far and wide.

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