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Have suspended coffee

Consumers can feed/give drinks to the poor, homeless, or whoever cannot afford a cup of coffee by buying a cup for themselves and then paying a little extra for a suspended cup of coffee. How this works is really simple: when you purchase 1 cup and leave the other cup suspended, anyone who can't afford a cup of coffee can walk into the shop and ask "are there any suspended coffees today?" If yes, then that person gets a free cup of coffee, which isn't really free because a consumer actually paid for it. It's charitable, yet it won't slow down or negatively alter business. Profits would still be made, while a good deed would be done. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, lots of people consume it, and many consider it the most important part of their morning. Let's do this! Plus, I love Caribou Coffee. Beats Starbucks. :)

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