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Make it ILLEGAL to transport dogs in truck beds, uncrated

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About a year ago, I was driving down the 880 S about 4 pm on a Thursday afternoon, traffic was very slow. I inched along looking ahead for an accident or stalled car I would be maneuvering around. I saw nothing in sight but noticed the cars directly in front of me looked like they were driving over something in the middle of the freeway, strange. When my car reached this obstruction, I lifted my body to get a look at what I was about to run over, it was a dog. A brown, barrel chested pit bull. Pink tongue hanging to the side, body bloodied with road rash, hard and dead. The dog's shiny blue collar was intact and frayed leash still hooked, metal on metal. I stopped, not wanting to drive over the dog but what could I do? As I drove over this poor dog, I closed my eyes and cringed thinking how is this happening right now, where is this dogs owner, why is this dog still on the freeway and how can I make sure this never happens again? The first step is signing this petition.

I am embarrassed its taken me this long to take action but the time is now. A recent article in the paper ( with almost the same situation (dog get dragged, owner drives away- this dog lives though) reminded me of the pit bull, of that feeling.

So, if you've ever seen a dog in the back of someones truck, bouncing from side to side, unrestrained and at risk of jumping or falling out into oncoming traffic, please sign. Too many dogs are dying from careless owners allowing their animals to be unrestrained. It's estimated that 100,000 dogs die each year riding in the back of pickup trucks by flying out after an accident, falling out accidentally or sliding out the back of an open tailgate [source: Humane Society of Utah].

Dogs have gotten lost or killed when they exited the pickup and the owners didn't realize they were missing. A hard bump can jostle a standing pet from the back, and tying your dog to the pickup bed won't work. In fact, dogs have been dragged along the road and terribly injured falling from a truck while still leashed to it. Dogs that ride in pickups can be exposed to tremendous amounts of dust and road grime from the open bed, which can damage their eyes. Why are we subjecting our dogs, our family, to this risk? And if you do not care enough about your dog to consider them family, then you should not own a dog, period.

There are laws in place, but nothing being supremely enforced. Let's make it ILLEGAL to allow your dog to ride in a truck bed unless it is in a crate. This is the only safe way to transport an animal in an open truck bed. Please sign!

Laws are below, but as you can see they are not sufficient.

Restraint Laws

At least eight states have laws requiring owners to kennel or tether dogs or other animals that ride in a vehicle's open areas, usually a truck bed, according to the Connecticut General Assembly. As of 2009, states with restraint laws include Connecticut, California, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Rhode Island. Fines range from $50 to $200.


Some exceptions to the law include dogs being transported for agricultural work or dogs used in hunting. California allows dogs to ride in the open if the vehicle's sides are at least 46 inches high

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