Flushing Township does not want a caregiver ordinance

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Flushing township trustees in Michigan, want to take away rights of caregivers who legally grow medical marijuana for their patients under Michigan State law.

This township refers to caregivers who legally follow the state law as "marijuana facilities".

These trustee members want to make caregivers purchase a home with 5 acres and build a separate enclosed structure to grow in. The trustees also know that caregivers work on donations and could not fulfill these unreasonable requests.

Additionally they want the privilege of coming by your property to inspect your grow whenever they want. 

Flushing township residents don't want their rights taken away, and they do not want to pay for a lawsuit that this ordinance will come with. Please sign and share this petition to stop the trustees from voting for and implementing an unlawful ordinance. Back door policies are not welcome, and you were not voted in to take away our rights.

Email a letter to the township clerk Wendy, Or call and voice your opinion.

(810) 659-0800