Care workers need to be seen as skilled professionals

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The government recently revealed their new post-Brexit immigration plans whereby care workers were placed in the category of an “unskilled worker”. 

Having worked in the care industry from the age of 17 I know as we all do that the role of a care worker is not unskilled. It is actually one of the most challenging roles. That’s why I’m calling for the Government to recognize care workers, carers and support staff as high skilled workers.

As a social care worker, you’re forced to juggle various skills and tasks to care and support the most vulnerable in society.

If the Government don’t take action now - they will be risking lives. This is because workers would not be granted a visa to come and support the crippling care sector.

Every day care workers will be waking up, missing the school run to head out to care for someone, support them to be clean and get dressed, support with their medication, feed them, change them, support them to mobilise, fight for their rights, book appointments, cook for them, clean for them, befriend them, advocate for them and often deal with their mental health and physical health and become a rock for them and their relatives. As a sector we are the backbone to the NHS and contribute as one of the biggest sectors in the United Kingdom.

It’s time that the government see care workers as professionals and skilled workers and I urge anyone - especially if you work in the industry, have received support or know someone who has, to sign the petition. 

It’s time that these low paid and undervalued workers are respected and given the recognition they deserve. We are not unskilled!