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Read about, and participate in, women activists/advocates around the world's Care of the Earth   :)




WILPF July E-News: Care of the Earth   :)


WILPF Burlington recently won an important victory: In June, the Vermont House of Representatives passed a resolution designating August 6, 2009 as "Nuclear Disarmament Day." It's great timing for such a triumph, since communities around the world will observe August 6, 2009 as an opportunity to press for the elimination of nuclear weapons and WILPF will be actively involved. The focus of this summer issue of the E-Newsletter looks at a range of environmental issues. While "care of the earth" is one of three program priorities for U.S. WILPF, one could argue that all our work for peace ultimately benefits Mother Earth.

In the WILPF July E-Newsletter:
A National Disarmament Day?
Medical Insurance and the Planet
Support "Mother Earth Day"
WILPF's Environmental Working Group
A Nuclear Power Renaissance?
War vs. Earth

A National Disarmament Day?

Some 64 years have passed since the United States dropped the first atomic bomb on the civilian population of Hiroshima in 1945, resulting in 100,000 deaths. Now our nation has a President who's stated that as the only country ever to have used a nuclear weapon, the United States has a moral responsibility to lead us to a world without nuclear weapons. Hard work by WILPF Burlington helped get the Vermont House of Representatives to pass a resolution designating August 6, 2009 as "Nuclear Disarmament Day." What can we accomplish next? What if the U.S. Congress declared August 6 a national "Nuclear Disarmament Day"? Read about the petition to make this happen and our plans for Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days (August 6 to 9).

Take the Profit out of Health Insurance

Marilyn Clement and Congressman John ConyersWhat are the environmental costs of private health insurance? Many claim it takes its toll on the environment by encouraging a medical approach to disease management and discouraging a public health approach to disease prevention. WILPF has long endorsed HR676, introduced by WILPF supporter Rep. John Conyers and now supported by 78 co-sponsors, which would extend Medicare to cover not just the elderly but everyone. In addition to supporting passage of HR676, we encourage you to check out the actions organized by Health Care Now to build grassroots momentum for a single-payer health care plan. WILPF's former Executive Director Marilyn Clement, currently head of Health Care Now, was recently recognized for the important work she's done on this issue. Read more about the connection between health insurance and a healthy planet here:  TO COME

Photo caption: On May 7, Rep. John Conyers and many friends gathered to celebrate the achievements of Marilyn Clement, Executive Director of Health Care Now and former Executive Director of WILPF

Is Mother Earth Day on Your Calendar?

WILPF's Save the Water Committee Thinks it Should Be

On April 22 this year, the United Nations unanimously adopted a Bolivian-led resolution to proclaim this day International Mother Earth Day. This  resolution is part of a growing movement to redefine people's relationship with nature by asserting that nature is not just an object to be appropriated and exploited for profit, but is rather a rights-bearing entity that should be treated with parity under the law. Read more about Mother Earth Day and plan for next year's celebration.

WILPF International Environmental Working Group

Did you know that 880 million people do not have access to decent sources of drinking water? Environmental sustainability is a key issue for International WILPF. Want to find out more about the international environmental working group? Check out its newsletters. Members tackling environmental issues are encouraged to join the group's listserv to learn about the work our sisters are doing in other Sections.

A Nuclear Power Renaissance?   

Proponents of nuclear power are gaining ground using the argument that it's not only safe, it's also "green." Disagree with this false logic? There's plenty you can do. WILPF members in Missouri, Massachusetts, Vermont and North Carolina are already opposing this so-called "nuclear renaissance."

War Threatens the Planet

Modern wars threaten our planet's ability to sustain life. Learn how your Representative voted on the current supplemental war appropriations bill on June 16. Send her or him your thoughts. You could include the URL for WILPF's May statement on Afghanistan.

Support HR 2404 calling for an exit strategy in Afghanistan. Use Cap Wiz on the Friends Committee on National Legislation website and learn if your Representative is one of the 88 already co-sponsoring this bill.
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American mother's sons have died on foreign battlefields to support profiteers in their luxury living.
--Jeanette Rankin, first female member of Congress and founding member of WILPF
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