local non for profit sports club needs councils response for permanent location

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 Our Local motorcycle club is in Limbo with the cardinia shire  awaiting a response to know if we are able to remain at our current location or having to move to another. This stops us from be able to improve our tracks and facilities for the benefit of our members, especially our children.This track enables our members and their families  to have a place to ride motorbikes in a safe and controlled environment

The Club was first established in 1928 as the result of keen local motorsport enthusiasts. WWII disrupted the club in 1939, with some 30+ years passing until it re-established again in 1973.The club has grown from the 14 founding members of 1973 (4 are still active members to this day) to almost 300 members today.The club has been in negotiations with Council for some 20 years now re a permanent home

.• In 2002, our club organized a public rally with an estimated 2500 people attending to support our cause for a home

.• In 2008 the KWRMCC and the Pakenham Auto Club were granted use of the land under the power lines traversed by Toomuc Creek – McGregor Road.

• Since 2008, the KWRMCC has regularly met with the council CEO to request / discuss permanency.

• On all too many occasions we have been told ‘the council is looking for an alternative site’; ‘we will come back to you in 6-8 weeks with an answer’ (the answers rarely forthcoming).

• The club has also met with many different councilors over the past 20 years re this issue, with still no resolution.

• We have been advised that a corporate entity is seeking to use the land for a large motorsport facility, and as such an alternative site would need to be found for the KWRMCC & Pakenham Auto Club.

• The council sent a letter in August 2017 stating that we would not be moved from McGregor road until an alternative location was found.

• Our club has been disadvantaged in that the growth of the club membership and has not been actively pursued due to not having a permanent home, we have been unable to invest in facilities such as amenities, Club rooms building better tracks that could be used all year round

• …we have not only local, state and national champions living within our shire but international champions as well. A great example to the young people of our community that the council should take note of perhaps?

• KWRMCC has funded itself for the past 20 years, with little or no input from outside organizations. Thus typifying strong community spirit and commitment.

• The club has worked tirelessly to provide an outside, exercise based activity for both adults and children alike in the safest possible environment.
• KWRMCC is very family orientated; it is a delight to see children as young as 4 (some complete with training wheels) having fun and gaining such wonderful life and road skills by riding at the track at McGregor Road.

• The age of current riding members ranges from 4yo through to 75yo.

• The club has further branched out from its initial core of dirt bike riding, to include road and adventure bike riding as well, with a growing number of female riders.

• We are now into 2nd and 3rd generation members …… and still no permanent home.

 It is of real concern that it may be perceived that council is putting a corporate entity’s proposal over that of local community by not expediting our club to a permanent home.Why is it taking Council 10 years to decide on a permanent home for the KWRMCC….. is it really that hard?

• The future vision of KWRMCC would be Have a permanent home to build good quality tracks for the local people to enjoy the sport in a safe controlled environment and therefore to increase membership for Juniors, enable members to excel in future motorcycling events and activities