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Petitioning Superintendent of Schools Dr. McNiff, Archdiocese of New York

Cardinal Dolan and Dr. Timothy McNiff, Archdiocese of New York: Keep St. Casimir School Open

Why should St. Casimir School remain open? Because it is a model Catholic school located in the inner city of Yonkers with an environment so unique that other schools should strive to emulate it.

Strengths of the school:
* Diverse student body
* Equality to which every student is treated
* Caring, dedicated teachers and staff

The student body doesn't have a majority population. The diversity reflects all racial, social and economic groups.

Racism and prejudice do not attend this school. Tolerance does and it has a perfect attendance record. If this school is closed, it is a step backwards in the civil rights movement.

Many of the students live in the low-income underserved neighborhood where the school is located. Many are first generation Americans, all wanting a better life for their children.

We need you to stand-up for the children of St. Casimir! Let St. Casimir School remain open to continue its 100 year tradition of providing a quality education to children in Pre-Kindergarten 3 to grade 8.

If you can make a financial donation please send it to:  St. Casimir School, 259 Nepperhan Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701 or using PayPal it can be sent to:

This is a restricited donation--to be used solely to save St. Casimir School. Should we not be successful in our efforts we will return all donations. Thank you for your support.

Letter to
Superintendent of Schools Dr. McNiff, Archdiocese of New York
Keep St. Casimir School Open!