Save the Norwegian Church in Cardiff for the people, not for commercial profit

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We demand that Cardiff Council drop their plan to turn the Norwegian Church into a private business, and instead comply with its charity status, and maintain it for public use.

Cardiff Council have announced they are going to market the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay to a private commercial tenant.

BUT Cardiff Council do not own the Norwegian Church. It is owned by a charity - the Norwegian Church Preservation Trust. As sole trustee, Cardiff Council have a legal duty to act in the best interests of the charity. Cardiff Council cannot simply convert this public asset to a private commercial business.

The Norwegian Church is an iconic building in Cardiff Bay, loved by residents and visitors as a beacon of Cardiff’s maritime heritage; and the church where Roald Dahl was christened. As a public visitor attraction, the Norwegian Church is open to everyone. It is a public space held in charity for the community of Cardiff and beyond. If Cardiff Council have their way, this public use and access will end.

Significant charitable donations and grants have been given from Norway and Wales to rebuild and refurbish the Norwegian Church. It is morally wrong for Cardiff Council to convert this public asset into a private commercial venture.

There is evidence (publicly available) that Cardiff Council are mismanaging the Norwegian Church Preservation Trust in their role as trustee.
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Cardiff Council has denied the Welsh Norwegian Society its rightful place on the Norwegian Church Advisory Committee for several years, and has repeatedly ignored offers of help to sort out the mismanagement of the charity. 

Please sign and share this petition, and help us to save the Norwegian Church for public use and enjoyment. You can read more about this campaign here: 

Please Note: We ask you not to donate any money on the website when you sign our petition. The ‘Chip In’ request that comes up during the signing process, is created by, not by the Welsh Norwegian Society. We have asked to clarify where this money goes and are waiting for their response. Welsh Norwegian Society