Save Flat Holm Island

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Save Flat Holm Island

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Jo Morgan started this petition to Cardiff Council

Cardiff Council's budget proposals for 2013/14 it is proposed to “Cease Operation of Flat Holm Island and Consider Options for its Disposal”.

Flat Holm island is a valuable community and educational resource to the People of Cardiff. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, Local Nature Reserve and a Special Protection Area, because of the maritime grassland and rare plants such as Rock Sea-Lavender, Wild Leek and Wild Peony. During Spring and Summer the island is also home to a significant breeding colony of Lesser Black-backed Gulls. Historical features on the island include the remains of a cholera hospital and Victorian and WWII gun batteries.

While this will save the Council £150k per year the area will loose:

* An important educational resource to the local schools and community groups.
* Access to important historical features
* Risk loosing important habitat for flora and fauna through lack of habitat management
* A flock of Soay, Welsh Black and Badger Face sheep will have to be re-homed or face being destroyed
* The island will fall into dis-repair
* The local economy will loose out on income generated through tourism and visitors to the island

The council are proposing to cease operation of Flat Holm Island at a time when they planning to increase the spending on Senior Management at the council by £1.1 Million!

Please sign our petition to show the Council that you DO NOT support their proposal to “Cease Operation of Flat Holm Island and Consider Options for its Disposal”.

Thank you

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This petition had 3,876 supporters

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