Save Cardiff Bay's Britannia Park

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Britannia Park is the only green space in Cardiff Bay. It is much loved by local residents and workers, as well as by visitors. Most homes in the Bay are flats without balconies or gardens.

This small park was created in 1993 as a vital part of the regeneration of Cardiff docklands. Three years ago, a campaign stopped a property developer building luxury flats there.

Cardiff Council then bought the land but has encouraged a proposal to construct a Museum of Military Medicine, which would destroy much of the grassed area. There is plenty of empty wasteland in public hands nearby. Why ruin the park?

The Museum has not shown it will be financially viable without public support, creating a risk that the Council will have to subsidise it. In a time of austerity there are more pressing demands.

We call on Cardiff Council to withdraw its support for a Museum of Military Medicine on this site and to preserve Britannia Park as an open green space for public enjoyment.