Provide on-street cycle storage in residential areas of Cardiff

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Cardiff, like many cities in the UK, suffers from a lack of safe storage space for bikes where we live. Lots of halls are too narrow for storage, and theft from sheds is endemic. Worse, lots of people live in shared housing where even these options aren’t available, and people are forced to keep their bikes in their flats, or locked up outside.

The solution provided by many local authorities, particularly London boroughs, is to install cycle hangars. Each hangar can store six bikes within half the space of a car parking bay, and is an effective way to store bikes whilst protecting them from tough weather conditions and vandalism.

We feel that these bike hangars are an essential part of enabling people to choose cycling. They make cycling convenient; they cater for residents of houses of multiple occupancy, who are less likely to own a car, and they are a visible reminder that kerbside storage space is much more effective if used for bicycles rather than cars.