Car Companies: Time to End Diesel

Car Companies: Time to End Diesel

November 29, 2016
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Started by C40

The air that we breathe in our cities is killing us. Worldwide, 3 million deaths each year are caused by exposure to outdoor air pollution. It is the oldest, the youngest and the most vulnerable that are at greatest risk. Reducing air pollution is essential for protecting the climate and saving lives.

Yet, throughout the world, the motor vehicle industry continues to invest and manufacture vehicles that are known to poison the air the we breathe. 
The motor vehicle industry has an historic opportunity: Get serious about air pollution to save people and the planet.

Right now, there's no shortage of local, national and global efforts for improving global air quality, such as the BreatheLife campaign. The mayors of many of the world's leading cities are already committing to serious action. Investment in sustainable technologies is growing every year. Now is the moment for the companies that manufacture our cars to help lead an air quality transformation, starting with these two pledges:

1) The mayors of several big cities are committing to remove all diesel vehicles from their cities by 2025. Vehicle-manufacturers should support this effort by committing to stop producing diesel vehicles by 2025.

2) Support rapid transition to electric, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles, replacing traditional high-polluting vehicles. All vehicle and heavy machinery manufacturers should promote the development and mainstreaming of these technologies.

The choices that all of us, citizens, consumers and manufacturers, make today will decide what type of air our children will breathe. We call on the motor vehicle industry to help us deliver that air quality transformation.

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This petition had 27,645 supporters

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