Save Mattewara Forest

Save Mattewara Forest

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4000 Acres of Mattewal Forest near Ludhiana is in DANGER! 

On pretext of economic development the Government of Punjab, in its Cabinet Meeting held on 7th July 2020 approved the project of setting up an industrial park in 1000 acres near Mattewal Forest and banks of River Sutlej in Ludhiana. They might have taken into consideration the permissible limits to dodge the law but setting up an industrial park just on the boundary of the only forest near us is going to badly affect the ecology of the area and health of citizens. 

Prior to this our nearest water body Buddha Dariya has been flooded with industrial waste and sewage of the city that has made south of Punjab a cancer belt. The government and administration has miserably failed to clean it and today it is called Buddha Nullah. It has been a chronic issue and a pain point and now setting up an industrial park on the banks of river Sutlej is unacceptable.  

Our nearby villages of Haider  Nagar, Sekowal,  Salkiana, Salempur and Machian kalan that are falling prey to this project are also holding rich flora and fauna that will get destroyed. The Mattewara Forest  is home to many Birds, Monkeys, Dear, Sambar, Antelopes and Peacocks.

We the citizens of Ludhiana appeal to the Government to scrap this project or change its location. Moreover, the need of the hour in the post COVID world would be to first support the existing industry from sinking.