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Stop Selling Canada Goose Coyote Fur-Trimmed Coats and Apparel

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Please sign this petition to let Capital Iron know that fur is not fashion, its' violence and to ask them to stop selling Canada Goose fur-trimmed coats and apparel They are the largest and last retailer of this brand in Victoria, B.C. and we want to see these coats that cause and promote suffering to coyotes and other animals gone from our community. 

Below you will find our letter to them.  Updated Nov 18th, 2015. This petition has grown substantially and we have witnessed Capital Iron continue to sell Canada Goose through the warm spring and summer months.  Last week we held our first demonstration in a while outside the store and garnered much community support with signs and leafleting. We plan on continuing to promote a boycott of the store over the holiday season and beyond until Capital Iron agrees to stop carrying Canada Goose.  

Dear Capital Iron,

                We would first off like to recognize your long standing commitment to the Victoria community.   Being a fixture here since 1934 is an impressive accomplishment considering the many ways the city has and continues to change over the years.  We would like to see you continue to flourish as a local business that meets a variety of shopping needs to the Victoria community in a single store.

                Being local and having a strong connection to the community also means having strong ethics.  This can often mean making difficult business decisions regarding what sorts of items to carry in store while balancing profit expectations. We appreciate that striking this balance can, at times, put purchasing decisions at odds with what the community will support ethically.  Even if some items may be profitable up front, the public relations concerns can be precarious at the back-end of carrying an ethically compromising product line.

                This is why we write to you today regarding your sale of Canada Goose apparel and accessories.  At this time we are not aware of another retailer in Victoria that sells Canada Goose apparel.  Even some places listed on their own website, such as Atmosphere at Hillside, do not carry these products in actuality.  We recently investigated your store to confirm whether or not you carried Canada Goose products and were shocked by the significant catalogue of Canada Goose coats, vests, and hoods that you stocked.  There may be nowhere else in Victoria that carries so much fur trim.

                You may or may not be aware of the cruelty and suffering associated with the fur industry in Canada.  As has been documented by the Fur-Bearer Defenders and has recently been publicized through their #makefurhistory campaign, animal are raised in deplorable conditions in cages for their fur and those trapped in the wild, as Canada Goose does, may languish for days before someone kills them.   It is arguable that the Canada Goose down vests are equally ethically condemnable.  They report all the feathers are floor gathered from chickens raised in unspecificied locations, but we can only assume factory farming conditions to match supply needs.  If you take a few minutes to research for yourself the violence, suffering, and cruelty attached to this industry your business supports by purchasing Canada Goose apparel, we are sure you will agree that the treatment of these animals is unacceptable for the price of a coat or otherwise.

                With this in mind we are asking you to stop the sale and end your relationship with Canada Goose apparel.   No one in Victoria needs a fur-trimmed jacket or hood.  While this is an issue of international concern, it becomes a local concern when local business supports these industries with their purchasing power.  When ethics and consumer interest collide, people must choose to support a business that promotes violence against coyotes and other animals for vanity or choose to shop elsewhere. 

                While we encourage and support Victoria’s local business community, we must draw the line when business practices explicitly promote violence or exploitation of other animals without reservation.   That is why we will regrettably be promoting a boycott of Capital Iron until such a time that you pull Canada Goose products from your store. 


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