The Power of Poo: Divert dog waste going to the Hartland Landfill and create energy

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The Goal is to rally support to encourage municipalities across Greater Victoria to pilot waste-to-energy projects that turn dog poo into energy and divert this waste from the landfill.


Dogs produce a lot of poo. Dog poo also produces methane, a potent Greenhouse Gas (GHG). 

Greater Victoria’s growing population makes reducing waste important. However, we have to do better than cutting back. We have to rethink the way we manage waste.

We want to use dog poo to create energy.

The Capital Regional District (CRD) and municipalities across Greater Victoria have climate action plans and targets to reduce their GHGs. The city of Victoria, for instance, has identified waste as a key piece of its draft Climate Leadership Plan.[1] The city is developing a Sustainable Waste Management Strategy in order to reduce waste, and also to repurpose it for other means, including achieving climate targets.

Many Canadian cities capture methane gas from waste to create energy. The cities of Waterloo[2], Mississauga[3] and Vancouver[4] have implemented waste-to-energy projects and have started to install waste bins that turn dog poo into electricity. The CRD’s Hartland Landfill already collects methane gas and uses it to generate electricity. Now it’s time for Greater Victoria municipalities to do the same. Yes, turning doggy doo into power projects.

Doggy doo projects are an innovative way to reuse landfill waste. Dog owner or not, by providing dog owners with a convenient disposal option, we will have cleaner parks and green spaces for all to enjoy, and a safer climate for present and future generations 

Change happens when we collectively work together. Join the discussion and sign the petition to convince Greater Victoria municipalities to turn dog poo into clean energy.



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