Keep our city safe for its people

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On 4 August 2019 a runner was attacked along the catwalk between St James & Muizenberg.

The suspect is currently being detained by the South African Police Services and the community are requesting that the suspect be detained until sentencing, and that appropriate measures are taken to keep him detained thereafter for the safety of the public.

Further context:

On 4 August 2019, a running group was out for their weekly run. The route this Sunday went along the walkway between Muizenburg and St James, a scenic route enjoyed by many families over the years. At approximately 9am, when the walkway was already bustling with runners, walkers and coffee sipping strollers, a man stood next to the path, picked up a big rock and chucked it at the head of person passing by in front of him. He missed her head by inches but crippled her on the spot as the rock struck and immediately severed her Achilles. As a fellow runner rushed back toward the victim to help, the attacker threw a rock at her which (luckily?) just missed her. He (the attacker) then went back to the first runner and made a second attempt to attack while she was helpless on the floor. A third runner who witnessed the assault called for help to passers by. Thankfully brave civilians who saw what happened pursued the attacker and performed a citizens arrest.

The runner could have been anyone. Any Capetonian who has enjoyed a scenic walk or run over the years. This time the runner was my Mother.

The injuries sustained have resulted in my Mother being in hospital since the attack and, at this stage, is looking at no less than 2 more weeks. A severed Achilles tendon and extensive damage to her leg has resulted in her undergoing 2 surgeries so far, there are 2 more to go before her release. Thereafter, there will be additional plastic surgery required for the final repairs. My Mother’s physical and emotional road to recovery is far from over.

The attacker has allegedly been arrested before and we have been told that he is a well known perpetrator in the area. We have also been told due to his alleged mental instability that he has allegedly been released on previous charges as the state has “nowhere to put him, the facilities are all full”. This is frightening! Our families are no longer safe to enjoy our beautiful city. Every person has become a target. It needs to stop, and we, the people of Cape Town, have to stop it. The system is failing us!

Will you assist us in our fight against the poor governance of our city – it is time to stand together, will you stand with us?

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We have set our goal at R50 000.00 - this is just the start. We are not only fighting for our justice here, but we are also fighting for everyone's safety. We appeal to you for your support.