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MAKE GATHERING HALL RELEVANT AGAIN! Monster Hunter: World needs it!

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The Gathering Hall is a vital part of the Monster Hunter experience.

I am aware that there are many new players introduced to this series through this game, and may not understand the importance of the Gathering Hall (Gathering Hub in MHW) but if you have been playing these games for a while, you should know how fun, social, and ALIVE, the Gathering Hall could be during a good multiplayer session. Especially with random players. The Gathering Halls of old could only contain four hunters (The amount allowed during any one hunt.) But World promised us 16 player Gathering Halls. 4 teams of 4 hunters, all in the hub, chatting, gesturing, and showing off their newest armor and weapons, and offering to help each other craft the gear they needed to progress in the game.

The reality is The Gathering Hub in World is completely dead. The gathering hall of old with only four players feels more alive than World's with 16, because no one uses them.

Due to some design oversights on Capcom's part the potential for fun, and socialization of 16 player gathering halls has been cut off at the knees. The problem lies in the fact that at no point does the game require the gathering hall for normal gameplay. You can join quests in town, start quests from camp, and send out SOS Flares to attract random players to your hunts while out in the field. These are all decent changes. But they come at the cost of the Gathering Hall. If you have never used it to socialize with random strangers and make new friends or just help random people by teaching them the ropes then the purpose of this petition might be completely lost on you. But for a second, imagine any other online game you are currently into, now imagine that game, for example a really popular game right now is PUBG. Imagine in PUBG if there was no pregame waiting area, where you could chat and make friends. Imagine Overwatch without the spawn rooms without the goofy stuff to break, or anything to tag with your sprays. Imagine Destiny without the Tower, or World of Warcraft without Orgrimmar. Imagine playing football with no locker room. That is how vital the Gathering Hall is to the tone and atmosphere of Monster Hunter. It is to me at least where the game's multiplayer community really gets its legs. It's a comfy room you go back to after each hunt. It's the ability to leave it, go back to the smith without a word and come back in a new shiny set after getting that rare drop you farmed for actual hours and surprising your friends. The gameplay is there, but the feeling of community has all but evaporated.

There are two simple fixes that could solve this problem, and if Capcom did it, this fix would take an amazing game and truly bring it to the next level.

1: Only allow players to join other player's posted quests from the Gathering Hall and nowhere else.

This change will frustrate people for at most a few days. But the pay off will be worthwhile for the long term health of the game. As it currently stands even though you're in a game with your friends, it doesn't feel like a social experience. You never see each other because you're ALWAYS IN TOWN. This is convenient but it's also super boring. The game lacks that hunting guild flavor that made the series so likable. Please Capcom, if you do nothing else, make this change happen.

2: When finishing a multiplayer quest drop the hunter back to the gathering hall. Not in town.

It felt great returning to the Hunting Hall with your buds and deciding on your next hunt together. The workshop/smith is just a menu away. It is actually more convenient to do this because the lift is right there in the hub and not half way across the town where you spawn in after a quest. Please do this!

I hope that you sign my petition, and think about how these two small changes could improve the overall experience of Monster Hunter World. If you're like me and miss the Gathering Hall and were excited to see a much improved version of it in World, please sign my petition and help get Capcom's attention. Thank you very much for your time. Happy Hunting!







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