Development of Dragon's Dogma 2 by Hideaki Itsuno

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Dragon's Dogma is an action-RPG developed by Capcom and released in 2012, set in the fictional land of Gransys, the player character known as Arisen is forced to leave his hometown on a quest to slay a Dragon that not only destroyed his village, but stole his heart and is feared to raze the entire nation.

Ever since the succesful release, fans all over the globe have been asking for a sequel, including a few failed petitions, e-mails, fan letters and more. Considering that Hideaki Itsuno, game director of the game and first concept creator of this IP had been working on a secret project and how Capcom released a MMO videogame set in the same universe, many of us thought he was working on a sequel already and the MMO was the way the company was trying to raise funds for it, now that it is confirmed Itsuno was actually developing Devil May Cry 5 instead, many fans have asked about the sequel and Itsuno himself has said that it all depends on Capcom's response, and that their response depends on us, as fans. So I've made this petition.

The arguments:

  • First and foremost, Dragon's Dogma first release was outstanding. Selling 300.000 copies in PS3 and 29.000 on XBOX360 upon release, making it the fastest selling new IP of the 7th generation consoles. Additionally the game kept selling itself, being able to reach 1.5 million sales worldwide by the following month, exceeding the expectations of Capcom.
  • The re-relase, Dark Arisen, still kept itself within world rankings, by being second place in Japan with a debut of 125.000 in Playstation 3 and 9000 copies and a 13th place on XBOX360. A PC release of this version of the game was launched in 2016 and despite the fact that it had less marketing it sold the whooping number of one million copies as of today, making it Capcom's fastest selling PC game ever until the arrival of Monster Hunter World.
  • The 8th generation release on PS4 and XBOX ONE sold enough to make it into the rankings as well, despite being the third re-release of a 5 year old game at the time.
  • As of today Dragon's Dogma sits at 4.3 million copies sold worldwide according to Capcom.
  • The MMO Dragon's Dogma Online (only available in Japan) also did really good, reaching one million downloads in the first 10 days, showing that this game has grown quite a stable fanbase. 
  • The game's reception was wonderful, enough to make it to a solid score of 8/10 in Metacritic despite the game being unpolished, making us wonder what would happen if a sequel was made now using everything from Itsuno's original vision.


Why do we want a Dragon's Dogma sequel?

Dragon's Dogma is special to many of us because it has many traits that in their simplicity, make it special. You are given some starting gear, they tell you to slay a dragon and you set out on a quest to do it, having to face goblins, bandits and all kinds of classical monsters in order to progress, each and every one of them with their own weaknesses, considering how well Monster Hunter World has been able to make monster behaviour, I'm sure the new monsters of a possible Dragon's Dogma sequel would have very interesting interactions with not only us, but the world. Not to mention, the pawn system, unique in it's entirety I can't wait to see how it would expand itself on a sequel.



All in all, I consider Dragon's Dogma one of my favorite games ever made, a game with a soul of it's own thanks to the kind love the developers put in it, a sequel could only make things better for the videogame community and Capcom. So if there's aught to be done to get things in motion, tis' the moment to act.