Bring Resident Evil 2 Remake to VR

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Dear Capcom,

Resident Evil 7 is a fantastic VR experience. We can't thank you enough for making this possible. Like many players, I've played it from beginning to end in VR, twice, and it was a breathtaking experience, a masterpiece.

I join all the VR fans over the world, from PC to PSVR, to implore you to make Resident Evil 2 Remake VR-friendly as well. I personally can't imagine playing the remake of my childhood favorite game as a flat game on TV after living the last episode from inside.

Resident Evil 2 Remake VR could be a TPS or FPS version of the game as you wish. TPS games can be very impressive in VR and it's not a good reason to boycott our beloved headsets. Of course, FPS view is what most VR players want, and could be used exclusively for the VR version of the game, and we're sure that would be an awesome experience. So, I beg you to please all your fans, by letting them choose if they want to play the game on TV or live it from the inside. VR is the future, you've made a fantastic job with Resident Evil 7 so please, don't abandon us.

Thank you very much for your attention,

The VR community.