Cap Rent Increases in Florida

Cap Rent Increases in Florida

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Why this petition matters

Started by Michelle Jardine

Times are tough right now.  Hopefully, our country is seeing a permanent slow down of COVID surges; however, we are feeling the increases of inflation in COVID’s aftermath as a nation right now. It is felt in all areas of our country; however,  Florida is one of the states where we are feeling the impact in our ability to provide affordable housing for our families.  

As a registered nurse and a single mother of a teenager, I sold my home to rent in a better school district for my son.  Now, the increase in rent will be so that 70% of my take home pay will go to putting a roof over our heads, even with good pay as a nurse.

This is the situation or worse, for millions of families in the State of Florida, which does not support a cap on rent increases.  

I am asking for support to petition the State of Florida to allow local governments to cap residential rent increases in cities and counties so that we can afford to live and work in this great state. 

Capping rent increases will allow people to afford to care for their families without stress of how to buy necessities to live.  While it is understandable and expected that rent will increase, knowing that the rent can only increase a maximum percentage will allow families to create a budget to be able to live in Florida.

 If residential rent is not capped, people will be forced to move out of Florida to find more affordable housing, which will in turn leave units vacant, removing millions of dollars of spending within Florida’s economic infrastructure, not to mention loss of revenue for the state for things like sales tax on goods and services and car registration fees to name a couple of sources of Florida’s revenue.  

When landlords have vacant units without rental income, they will also be impacted, which of course will drive rental prices down, but it may not happen soon enough.  

Please support my petition to ask our great state of Florida to come to an emergency session and to put an emergency cap on residential rent increases of 5% while we allow State Legislators time come to an agreement to assist us in being able to raise our families here.

135 have signed. Let’s get to 200!