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Authorize an Investigation and a Survey

As residents within the Canyons School District, the allegations regarding the superintendent from the KSL piece on 4/13 are very concerning and disturbing. Hopefully they are not true.  However, if these allegations are true and if they reveal a pattern of the current administration’s management style, we have grave concerns about the current superintendent’s ability to successfully serve us and our children. Given such, we respectfully ask the board to do the following:


Authorize an outside, independent, third party investigation into the allegations that will seek to understand truth from error in an objective manner regarding these allegations.

Authorize an independent, anonymous third party survey that will be offered to teachers, administrators and employees of the Canyons District to allow them to make their voice heard without fear of retribution from their employer.

Make appropriate decisions regarding the leadership of the district based on the outcome of the two points above.

If the allegations are not true, the process outlined above will bring that to light as well, which would be extremely important.



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