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Prosecute Brian Pierce for Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

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Brian Pierce (left picture) was indicted by a grand jury with the charge of Felony injury to a child when he beat his potty-training step son (middle picture) for not making it to the bathroom in time. Brian stripped the boy naked and spanked him with his hand until his hand was stinging and then went into the kitchen, grabbed a plastic cooking spoon, and came back and beat the little boy some more. The picture is what his step-sons bottom looked like 4 days after the incident.
7 months before that incident, he also gave his own daughter a black eye (far right). The family golden retriever had peed on the stairs in the middle of the night. His daughter did not shampoo the carpet before leaving for school that morning. When she walked in the front door after school, Brian Pierce grabbed her by her hair, drug her up the stairs, slammed her face into the step and proceeded to scrub her face into the dog urine, leaving his daughter with a black eye. His daughter took a picture of her injury in hopes that someday she would have proof of her fathers’ abuse.
One year before Brian gave his daughter a black eye, his daughter went to school and reported her father’s physical abuse to her school nurse. The school notified health and welfare and a child abuse investigation was opened. Two social workers came to Brian’s home and questioned him about the abuse. After speaking with Brian Pierce once, the case was closed and no charges were pressed.
One year before health and welfare opened an investigation of child abuse for Brian’s daughter, there was another child abuse investigation opened up by health and welfare regarding child abuse Brian’s son had underwent at the hands of his father. Two police officers and two social workers showed up to Brian’s home and questioned him about the abuse. After questioning Brian, the case was closed and no charges were pressed.
Brian had obtained full custody of his children in 2011, one month later is when the first report of child abuse was made to health and welfare. Brian Pierce was never charged with child abuse until May 6th, 2013 when he battered his 4yr old step son, the first story shared.
On May 6th, the day Brian Pierce battered his 4yr old step son, he also battered his wife later that evening when she came home from work and saw the abuse and confronted him. Brian backed her into a corner and began suffocating her. When his wife tried to fight back and fight to breathe, he grabbed her head and slammed it into a door. When the police were called, Brian Pierce refused to open the door. The police were forced to break down the back door of the house in order to detain Brian Pierce and place him under arrest. Brian was charged with domestic battery, injury to a child and resist and
obstructing an officer. The next day during Brian’s arraignment, the judge released him without bond. No jail time, no bail set, no punishment.
Canyon County is handling all charges in this case. They offered Brian Pierce a plea bargain recently. If he pleads guilty to a domestic battery charge, then they will lower his Felony injury to a child down to a Misdemeanor. It is believed that Canyon County has offered this plea bargain in order to avoid a trial by jury to save the county money.
The proven abuse he has against children shows that he has been unpunished, which allowed for the children in his home to continually be physically abused by him. At this time, Brian Pierce is not in jail and still retains full custody of his children. Please pass this on to raise awareness for child abuse in hopes that men like Brian Pierce will face harsher punishments.
Canyon County has voiced that they have no interest in the reports made to health and welfare and they have no interest in bringing charges against him for rubbing his daughters face in dog pee, leaving her with a black eye.
Brian Pierce is a licensed nurse in the state of Idaho. At this time, he is still licensed and able to practice nursing, leaving his patients vulnerable for his abuse. Canyon County has also voiced that they have no intentions of collaborating with the board of nursing in order to have his license revoked.
If you are not affected by this information and if you do not care that the nurse providing you care is abusive, then don’t pass this on. If this story has affected you and you believe that a man who has put children through so much physical abuse should not be a nurse in the state of Idaho nor should he have custody of his children, then please share this on your page.
(This post only shares the physical abuse Brian Pierce committed against the children in his home. It does not address all the physical, emotional and sexual abuse, as well as the manipulative tactics Brian Pierce had committed against his wife – if it was all included, this post would be 53 pages long)

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