Allow an old man the simple pleasure of a hobby and re-instate his Amateur Radio Antenna

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When we began petitioning we understood from Channel 5 that Armando Martins who is an elderly man living alone, had the antenna he relied on for his hobby radio station removed.  This was at the request of his neighbours and by order of the Canterbury City Council.  We wanted his antenna to be fully re-instated.  A year later, after identifying what went wrong, his rights and a blanket ban applying to him alone, he is now operational, but not quite fully re-instated.  He moved under his own steam to a site where he can operate from with a promise that the housing department would check that planning permission would be available.  He is now struggling to understand why his planning application is being held up by the planning committee.  We will find out on 9th January 2018.  While we were working with Armando we also listened to our petitioners, some of whom had similar experiences.  We therefore now want recognition that there is a problem when the planning process can be abused for the gratification of mischievous neighbours and untrained council workers.  We want that facility removed from the process, not only for the benefit of the target of the abuse, but to save council officials wasting time when there are more important issues to resolve. 

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