Allow an old man the simple pleasure of a hobby and re-instate his Amateur Radio Antenna

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When we began petitioning we understood from Channel 5 that Armando Martins who is an elderly man living alone, had the antenna he relied on for his hobby radio station removed by the council.  He says this was organised by his neighbours - part of a vendetta against him.  Knowing how that felt, and what the impact on him was, we wanted his hobby antennas to be fully re-instated.  

Twenty months later, after identifying what went wrong, his rights, and a blanket ban being imposed on him through the poor application of council processes, he is now operational, from a new place, but not quite fully re-instated.  Eventually Armando moved house under his own steam to escape the bullying.  Yet another promise that the housing department would check that planning permission would be available for his mast before he moved has been breached.  While truly grateful for the move, and settled in his new location,  he is now struggling to understand: why he was subject to a ban on all types of antennas for several months when it is everyone's statutory right to be able to develop their property according to their needs.  Also he has some questions about his second planning application which covers the use of his mast, previously permitted, (then not permitted).  This has been held up by the planning committee in a most questionable and undemocratic way.  The additional bureaucracy and risk at his age is enough to prevent him from enjoying the rest of his life.  However Armando still  sees a challenge.  Because of what happened and what it cost him in terms of stress and money, and because some of the issues he faced, he now knows it isn't just him who gets this treatment - others have had similar.   Armando doesn't think his campaign stops at the point he gets his mast back.  The end point will come when it is acknowledged that what happens is universal and wrong and everyone knows it.  He wants to ensure the UK planning process can not be used to abuse people, not only for the benefit of the targets of the abuse, but to save council officials wasting time and money, when there are more important issues to resolve. 

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