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Canongate: Cancel Gina Miller's "pay-off" book deal!

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Gina Miller, "Democracy campaigner" is really anything but. She is acting as an agent for powerful monied forces that object to the British People deciding to LEAVE the European Union.

She used their money to buy an expensive Supreme Court case, trying to prevent the triggering of article 50, which ultimately failed when Parliament voted with the people, but cost the United Kingdom £9 billion pounds in extra fees to the EU caused by the delays.

She has backed Anti-Brexit Remain candidates and continually agitated that the Brexit vote can be ignored or subverted in some way.

She backed 5 Anti-Brexiteers at the General Election. Only one was returned to Parliament.

Now she tries to force a mathematically irrelevant parliamentary vote challenging the Conservative Parties confidence-and-supply arrangement with the DUP.

However, if this succeeded, and the vote was lost, in theory it could cause the government to fall. Then, Jeremy Corbyn would have the opportunity, but fail to be able, to put together an alternative government, resulting in a new General Election, and the expense of re-running an election campaign when we have had two in the past 2 years already.

All of these activities paint a picture of a woman who has, based on no mandate but her own egoism, used extreme wealth and privilege to interfere with and destabilise our politics, harm confidence in investing in our economy, as well as costing the Country billions, that could have gone to the NHS and Social Care.

Canongate have paid an unspecified amount to "win" the right to publish her book, which will allow Miller to make large amounts of money from the foolish people who think her activities are genuine, and not born solely from the self interests of her class (the 1% monied plutocrats who object to the reduction of their power that Brexit will produce).

This is an insult to the electoral majority who voted for Brexit, and have had to watch this woman flaunt her disruption of their democratic verdict, all the while courted by the London Media, free of serious criticism:

So we demand Canongate CANCELS Miller's book contract: she has had quite enough publicity already, and doesn't deserve to profit from causing our country such deliberate harm! 

"Who Voted for Gina Miller? Nobody!"

"MP John Redwood said of that case: “Gina Miller and her legal challenge helped delay our exit by nine months, which is costing us an extra £9billion as a result. Let’s ensure there are no more delays.”

"Gina Miller to write "Rallying Cry" memoir, Rise"

Prospective publisher Canongate suggests to people "Why not trail faithfully behind us like a loyal dog or cult member?" on its contact page: what an appropriate publisher for Gina Miller, with the same dismissive attitude towards the views of the General Public...

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