Please Do Not Kill the Cannon Beach Bunnies!

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The small Oregon town, Cannon Beach, is making national news due to its large number of stray domestic rabbits. Approximately 30 years ago, some domestic rabbits were abandoned there, and the population has grown to hundreds or more bunnies in and around the town. Now some residents see them as a problem and want the city to do something about them. There has already been talk in city council discussions of killing the bunnies.

We are asking the city of Cannon Beach and its residents to be open to compassionate solutions to the stray bunny crisis. Spay and neutering is needed to halt reproduction. Bunnies could then be adopted into loving homes or live in controlled, outdoor sanctuary settings.

Animal lovers are already formulating plans that both protect the bunnies and alleviate the stress on the community. Working together, animal rescue organizations, the Cannon Beach city council, and concerned residents can bring to fruition a peaceful solution, benefiting the community, while treating these beloved furry residents with the compassion they deserve.

 Please do not kill the bunnies!