The fight for our trademark

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Join us, in the fight to retain our trademark for The Toking Dead.

Our trade mark was issued by the USPTO in early 2018 and shortly there after was opposed by Robert Kirkman LLC & AMC (The Walking Dead). Their claim is that we are creating confusion and delusion in the market place with our weed smoking zombies. They have also claimed that due to the federal regulations on cannabis, we should not be allowed to use cannabis in conjunction with zombies. 

What we are trying to do is educate through adult humor the positive effects of cannabis using zombies as our subjects. Thus far our mission has been received in multiple industries with no sort of confusion. 

We are asking that you help us in our fight to keep our trade mark and show corporate America that  just because you have lots of money doesn't mean that you can try to crush the little guys dreams.

Below are a few links that you can click on to see what we are up to as well as interviews we have done.

By signing this petition you will be helping solidify the lack of confusion set forth in the opposition's allegation's.