Our school needs air-conditioning and safe heating!

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Randwick Public School needs air-conditioning and safe heating!

Please sign this petition which seeks the support of Mr Bruce Notley-Smith MP, Member for Coogee and which requests Mr Rob Stokes MP, NSW Minister for Education to approve the installation of air conditioning and safe heating in all learning spaces in Randwick Public School by the end of 2019.

Randwick Public School’s application to have air conditioning installed under the NSW Cooler Classrooms program has been accepted...BUT…we could be waiting for up to 5 years for installation. Not only does this mean hot classrooms in the summer, but importantly it also means unsafe, unflued gas heaters in classrooms for another 5 winters.

It goes without saying that the capacity of children to concentrate and learn is adversely affected if classroom temperatures reach the mid to high 30s during the summer months. In winter, our children are also being exposed to harmful gases (nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide) emitted by the unflued gas heaters fitted in the classrooms. An environmental health risk assessment conducted by the NSW government in 2011 estimated up to 6464 episodes of wheezing in children could be prevented each year if unflued gas heaters were replaced in classrooms. The use of unflued gas heaters in schools in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia is prohibited and they are also banned in other parts of the world. So why are they still in our classrooms? 

There is some relief on the way but your involvement will make a difference and would be greatly appreciated.  As part of the building works, air conditioning units will be retrofitted in the new Beehive building by March 15, 2019. This leaves 25 of our K-4 classes without cooling or appropriate safe heating. The state government has announced $500M in funding as part of the NSW Cooler Classrooms Program. Over 900 schools across the state will have new air conditioning systems installed in their classrooms and libraries. Funding for our school has been approved under the program. However, the timing for the installation is yet unknown and the full roll-out of the program is expected to take up to 5 years.

ACT NOW - Parents’ support and active involvement is important to advocate for the rapid installation of the units in our school. Every signature counts. So please sign this petition and ask your family and friends to sign in too!

Thank you for your support and for advocating on behalf of our children and educators.

Randwick Public School P&C on behalf of the parent community