End Racism in America

End Racism in America

May 31, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rand Strauss

We've allowed racism to divide us for too long. Let's end it.

We sent a human to the moon when we didn't know how. We've now committed to Mars and don't fully know how. Let's put similar resources toward ending racism. It's time.

Who profits from America's troubles? Only countries or groups that want America to fail.

Racism in America is

  • A continual nightmare for minorities
  • A continual affront to justice
  • A continual American weakness
  • A distraction and threat to all Americans, including police.

There's plenty of opposition to racism, yet racism persists. Opposition isn't enough, and it's divisive. We have experts in the US, experts in education, psychology, sociology, even government. We have a few researchers studying racism and journals reporting their results. Yet no one is currently tasked with ending racism.

Racism wasn't mentioned in the 2016 Republican platform. It was featured in the 2016 Democratic platform but few bills have been proposed. No significant bill has gotten through a committee.

On the other hand, search for "end racism" on the web and there's a wealth of ideas to start with.

We, the undersigned, are not naive. There are no solutions inside-the-box of American culture. This will require commitment, effort, research, trials, measurement, organization and management. The only things holding back American innovation from ending racism is our cultural notion that it's impossible and the lack of leadership.

Presidential candidates and Congress: We urge you to commit immediately to end racism in the United States. And then lead.

(For more information, see:  https://endracism.us/ )

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Signatures: 1,081Next Goal: 1,500
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