PGE "Top 100 Dangerous" Gas Delivery Pipeline Is Endangering Families In 4 Cities

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Please help us demand that PGE San Francisco, CA re-route their "Top 100 Dangerous" circa 1955 cast iron, high pressure, natural gas-delivery pipeline.  We would like the original pipe running through Danville/Alamo, San Ramon and Walnut Creek, CA capped.  Then, the pipe re-routed down the north or south bound interstate 680 corridors.  This can be a cost effective solution for PGE as well.  The condition and age of this pipe requires them to upgrade their pipe to stainless steel anyway.  Moving the pipe to the freeway would create a straight path from San Ramon to Walnut Creek, CA.  This would eliminate any risky 90 degree angle turns in the pipe, which is proven to cause explosions.  They would use brand new metal instead of the 60+ year old corroded cast iron.  It would also give PGE full 24 hour access to their pipe for inspection.   In addition, this solution would keep the pipe from running directly in front of the main driveway of the brand new Alamo Fire Station.  Finally, it would move it away from at least 4 separate schools with thousands of children in attendance daily.

Too many wonderful taxpaying families and others, live along this dangerous stretch of pipe.  The pipe meanders through homes, schools and fire stations from San Ramon to Walnut Creek, CA.  We are asking PGE to do the right thing to keep all of our citizens safe. 

Thank you all for your continued support! 

-Candace Andersen Dist. 2 Supervisor

(925) 957-8860

-Karen Stepper Mayor Danville, CA

(925) 275-2412

-Bill Clarkson Mayor San Ramon, CA

(925) 200-5380

-Loella Haskew Mayor Walnut Creek, CA

(925) 256-3504

-Nick Stavropoulos President Gas PG&E SF, CA

Beatrice Lopez (415) 973-9769