Cancel Wildlife Killing contest put on by the Volunteer Fire Dept of Six Mile Run area.

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The Six Mile Run Area Volunteer Fire Department in PA are planning their coyote hunt tournament on January 11th, 12th & 13th. They are killing innocent living sentient beings for a fundraiser. Please sign & let them know there are may ways to raise funds that does not include death to any living, breathing beings.

We urge them to cancel this horrendous event. These are firefighters whom children look up to as hero's. What are they teaching our children when promoting events that kill animals for money & fun? Shameful. It is very inhumane, evil & immoral to treat these beautiful creatures like they are disposable. Coyotes play an intricate part in the ecosystem. This is despicable. Animal (of ANY kind) killing contests are outdated and outrageous. We ask everyone involved to research the science behind coyotes and consider the cruelty they are inflicting on the complex and devoted coyote packs. There is a ripple down affect into the eco system when these precious souls are killed by humans. This effects everyone & every living breathing being. This must be stopped.

Please sign & share. Please send them messages, emails, phone calls, letters, comment on their posts. Let them know how you feel.

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