CANCEL UHS Re-admission policy

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It takes years of rigorous effort, patience, psychological strain and money to make way into a medical university, only for UHS (university of health sciences) to nullify and disregard all of it. 

Recently UHS released a notice confirming the dissolution of all previous merit lists and initiating the process from scratch. Severe backlash from students who were not being upgraded to their respective preferences yet people from the waiting list, with aggregates lower than theirs being sent to top tier universities led to this drastic measure. 

As understandable as it is that these students have been robbed of their seats, UHS simply cannot begin to correct one mistake by dismantling the entire admission process. A procedure which took two months to begin and a further two months during which students began university and tried to settle the best they could. The miscalculation which led to the 7th merit list is the fault of UHS and UHS alone, and should not be corrected on expense of thousands of students. 

Following is a comprehensive list of reasons why this policy needs to be negated: 

1. Shift from modular to annual system; not every university allow the fee to be paid in instalments and hence the readjustment might cause serious financial strain on some families. 

2. Every university chooses to teach a subject differently, during the two months, some universities might have chosen to divide the syllabus in a manner different to that of another. Subsequently the tests would not have been uniform, leading to flaws in concept and understanding once the students are shuffled. 

3. First year examinations have always been the last to take place, this policy adds to that problem by further delaying the profs.

4. Students studying away from home have rented hostels and flats, and some might have even paid annually. If they do not manage to make it to the same university due to shift in preferences, a huge sum of money will be wasted. 

5. First few months at medical university are the hardest, it takes time to understand the dynamics of the university and adjusting to a place so different to what one is used to. This notice has only added to the deteriorating mental health of students, leading to anxiety and uncertainty. 

6. This notice will lead to different preferences from the ones students gave initially, people with higher aggregates might consider moving to another college, making it very unfair for students who have adjusted to their universities and do not want to move from there. 

If all these reasons are not enough to make UHS realise the mistake they will be making, we are also willing to provide an alternative to help the students whose up-gradation was wrongfully halted. 

They should simply cancel the last list they uploaded, upgrade students to their preferences if seats are available. Additionally they should open the portal for those who wish to come to their cities and adjust them to the vacant seats. 

Us students plead the authorities to take action against this notice, and for UHS to realise how detrimental this will be for all. As hard as it is to get into a medical university, it is even harder to see it being snatched away. If this policy were to be implemented, UHS will be losing a lot of bright students to other fields, who would be giving up on their dreams as well as the medical system in Pakistan.