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Cancel the upcoming show "Amazing America with Sarah Palin"


Regarding your upcoming show "Amazing America with Sarah Palin"---America has already been "amazed" by Sarah Palin and her lack of compassion, and her complete relish of the animals she kills with unabashed fevor!  

Palin has taken advantage of her half-governesship, by glamorizing the killing of iconic wolves from aircraft.  As half-governor she offed a bounty for every left, front wolf paw surrendered---the wolf is a necessary predator for a healthy ecosystem; she lobbied for years to get the endangered polar bear kicked off of the Endangered Species List -- despite the impossible challenges facing the polar bear to even survive --- loss of habitat, starvation, and drownings.  She failed at her attempts to doom the polar bear in the USA, so she continues to trophy hunt in Canada.  

Her last attempt at exploiting animals with a show on TLC, "Sarah Palin's Alaska", evoked criticism from many including distinquished writer Aaron Sorkin, who labeled her actions, "jaw-dropping mean".   The show was not renewed after just one season -- so why are you at InterMedia Outdoors, going to repeat history and subject the public to more of the offensive, cavalier disregard for animals and viewers, by allowing this callous woman air time?  

We the signed, will boycott all of the sponsors of "Amazing America with Sarah Palin", and we will give them all written notification of our intent.  


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    Jeff Paro
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    Willy Burkhardt (President, InterMedia Outdoors)

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