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Cancel the promotional event of the pro-fur-lobby in the EU parliament!

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Dear Mr Schulz, President of the European Parliament,

we hereby call to you to cancel the promotional event of the pro-fur-lobby in the EU parliament. We urge you to cancel the promotional event of the "Fur Information Centres" (a pro-fur-lobby-organization from Brussels) on the premises of the EU-parliament that is supposed to happen from September 28th to October 2nd 2015!

Events like these do not match an animal-friendly and forward thinking Europe. A lot of delegates, many animal welfare organizations and also the majority of Europe’s citizen consider fur farming unacceptable. Housing conditions are extremely poor, the needs and welfare of the animals kept are severely violated. The torture and violation of animals simply do not correspond with the guidelines of European animal welfare. Hundreds and thousands of people worldwide condemn these practices for many decades.

The EU-parliament constantly receives petitions related to animal welfare, fur farming and animal rights. The position of the majority of Europe’s population should be very clear. Ignoring peoples’ efforts and opinions is scandalous. Moreover events like the above mean a massive setback for a progressive Europe. Our supporters, the signatories and we are convinced that Europe should be in the position to pass new laws against fur farming and ultimately ban fur farms. We hereby ask to you to cancel the above mentioned event!

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    Europäisches Parlament, Parlamentspräsident Martin Schulz

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