Cancel the IFSC Live-streaming subscription fees

Cancel the IFSC Live-streaming subscription fees

5 April 2017
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Why this petition matters

Started by Peter Crane


Today, IFSC announced that all live-stream events over the next 3 years will require a FloSports PRO subscription (~$150/yr). Until now, these events have been made available free online.

Why this is a bad thing:
Competitions have now become less accessible to people around the world – not everyone can travel internationally to physically attend events or afford a costly recurring fee. IFSC has also been working hard to make sport climbing Olympic, which aims to "encourage the regular practice of sport by all people in society, regardless of sex, age, social background or economic status" (

What we can do about it:
The deal has already been signed, but we can pressure IFSC and IFSC partners to make a change by signing this petition and raising our collective voice. IFSC Partners include KAILAS, Entre-Prises, Luxov and Force Climbing Holds.

If you want to contact IFSC personally, you can find the email addresses of key IFSC contacts here.

Read the official IFSC Press Release

What do I know about live-streaming?
I work full-time as the Head of Creative Development at a film production company in Austria and live-streaming is my business.

If you are a representative from IFSC or an IFSC partner company, you can contact me directly here:

Petition Closed

This petition had 12,576 supporters

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Decision makers

  • Kailas
  • Anne FuynelMarketing & Communications Director, IFSC
  • Force Climbing Holds
  • Luxov
  • Entre-Prises