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Cancel The Height Restrictions On Dogs In Harbin, China 取消哈尔滨狗隻尺寸限制政策

In China, Harbin City has recently proclaimed a policy that raising large dogs is prohibited including the breeds of Golden Retriever, Chow Chow, Labrador and so on.

Activists in China need our help to get this policy cancelled. Our facebook group helps the Chinese, along with other Asians to bring about change in their countries. 


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Thanks in advance for your support,

Lisa Price & Ann-Marie Owens

Founders Of Facebook Group Hand in Hand With Asia's Animal Activists

Facebook“携手支援亚洲动物活动家” 创办人


Please sign and share so that they will be able to keep their beloved pets.



Letter to
Mayor Of Harbin Song Xibin Harbin Government
Harbin City People's Government Harbin Government
We the undersigned urge you not to enforce the upcoming policy where dogs over a certain height will have to be given up by their owners.
Dog owners face the unenviable task of giving up their beloved pets simply because they aren't an acceptable size.
This policy is cruel, heartless and ineffective, and paints the government in a very poor light. We ask that you let the larger dogs live out their lives naturally with their owners.
Protests in Harbin have taken place where owners cried publicly to show how hurt and upset they are about this and people around the world want this policy to be overturned. While the Harbin government is busy with a large full-media campaign intended for Harbin’s 2012 visits to its international sister cities to mark the official launch of Harbin’s tourism promotion campaign, bringing a law in to ban specific breeds does not promote Harbin's tolerance for pet owners very well to the rest of the world. Please cancel the height restrictions on dogs in Harbin.

Yours sincerely

我们敦促勿执行即将实施 狗主必须弃养超越規定尺寸狗的政策。





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