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Cancel the Bull Run on August 24, 2013, at the Virginia Motorsports Park

Richmond Friends of Animals, an animal rights organization that supports and endorses the compassionate treatment of animals in the greater Richmond area, would like to formally request that Virginia Motorsports Park cancel this event as a gesture in support of the prevention of needless cruelty and suffering to animals.
Even without anticipated animal deaths as in bullfighting and with veterinarians present, we believe that the event, as planned, entails significant suffering and cruelty to the animals involved and most certainly furthers the perception of animals as objects to be used for entertainment.
Animals used in this event will suffer the turmoil of unnecessary transport to the event, including needless confinement and discomfort as they are moved to the park. Further, the bulls will be unceremoniously dumped into a scenario which will undoubtedly create fear, dismay and bewilderment with hundreds or thousands of people, foreign and loud noises, strange scents and surfaces under their hooves. During the actual run itself, the bulls are exposed to injury from participants who may choose to touch them or simply from running into each other, runners or barriers set up to contain them. The overall scenario for the bulls is one that begins with confusion, turns into chaos and fear and may well lead to injury. The entertainment value received by the participants does not warrant this degree, or any degree, of suffering from another living creature.
The ongoing promotion of this event continues to proliferate an archaic perception that animals can be used and exploited for the entertainment of humans. These values are not values that an otherwise family friendly venue like yours should seek to embrace.

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    Bryan Pierce
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    Tina Lindsay
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    Allen Carpenter

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