Cancel Grassy-Mountain Coal Project

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The Alberta Government has recently eliminated protections created in 1976 under the Peter Lougheed Progressive Conservative Government that put protections in place for environmentally sensitive areas in the Rocky Mountains and Foothills. Under this new legislation companies will be able to begin open pit mining operations in these pristine Alberta landscapes, forever changing the landscape and ecosystem that so many Albertan’s rely on for recreation and their livelihoods.

Currently a project known as Grassy Mountain is awaiting approval to develop and open pit mine in the Alberta Foothills with a life span of 25 years this project is projected to create only 400 jobs but will inevitably cause irreversible harm to the Alberta landscape, ecosystem and watershed.

This project is already under scrutiny from local cattle operations, ranchers as well as outdoor enthusiasts and Indigenous groups for the immediate damage it will cause. While also being under scrutiny from communities that will be affected by the contamination and damage this project will cause to The Old Man watershed which supplies water to 45% of the Province.

Open pit mining has been linked to water contamination for many years such as BC's Elk River valley which led to high levels of selenium and other toxic chemicals being found in public and private wells while also causing a collapse of the local cutthroat trout population.

This is just one proposed project out of the many that are sure to come. Before it becomes too late we need to put pressure on both the Provincial and Federal Governments to not allow this project to move forward and cause irreparable harm to Alberta's ecosystems, landscape and watersheds.