Cancel Classes on Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 (The Ohio State University)

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The Ohio State University Emergency Management tweeted this article: Frigid forecast has university on alert.

This article states that it is going to be extremely cold on Wednesday, January 30th, 2019. The temperature is set to be in the -40s. This extreme cold can cause exposed skin to freeze within 10 minutes. 

Most students, including myself, live off-campus, even with the buses, we have atleast a 15 minute walk to campus, if we miss the bus, it can easily become a 20 minute walk.

This petition is to cancel classes on the day of the most extreme temperatures, Wednesday, January 30th, 2019. 

It is too dangerous to be outside in this cold for an extended period of time, so why should students be forced to go to class? 

It would be as simple as "just do not go to class," but we can not do that, as in my case, I have a quiz on Wednesday at 9am, which if I do not attend, I will be forced to receive a 0/20 marked as my grade.

We should not be forced to go outside in these arctic temperatures just because the university does not think it is "necessary" to close.

Students pay thousands of dollars a semester to attend this prestigious university, please do not put our health at risk.

This also does not apply to just students, staff also have long walks from offices and cars.

These extreme weather conditions have been deemed dangerous by the National Weather Service, please do not make us suffer.

All of The Ohio State University Students & Staff


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