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It is appalling to see that we are ready to risk the lives of the youth of our country because we want to fit them into a scoring system that clearly renders useless in front of a pandemic. So many years of education and yet we stand here confused of how can we assess this education if not for board exams! Have we really learnt anything from the Covid-19 situation? Who is going to take ownership and responsibility for the risk that we are putting students to by making them attend these board exams in this time of uncertainty? Can we really ensure safety measures across exam centers? Are we really prepared?
And if that was not enough...

we have different rules for different students? So much for inclusion and equality! We know how that works. Genuine people suffering and those who misuse the system benefiting.

The future of this country – the youth – can wait till the time the world recuperates and ensures that the present we have is a safe space to be in. Overcome Corona Virus first. Then, call for Board Exams. Do not put the future of this country at stake; do not experiment with our lives!


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