Cancel All International Official Examinations 2022-(BAHRAIN)

Cancel All International Official Examinations 2022-(BAHRAIN)

January 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters


We would firstly like to thank everyone that has taken their time to share and sign this petition. The cases being registered currently are higher than ever, especially with the new COVID-19 variants such as Florona, delta, and Omicron. These new variants have been widely spread, forcing our nation to bring lockdown back given the rapidly rising cases. As we all know, COVID-19 and Omicron, better known as the current global pandemics, have had a negative influence on us individuals across Bahrain. We have been forced to leave our social environments and stay home. Let’s face the fact that this year’s batch of students has been at a great disadvantage in comparison to previous graduates. We the batch of 2022 have lacked experience throughout the years we spent studying online, whereas previous batches were gaining more knowledge due to their first-hand experience thus maximizing their understanding of the syllabus. Even in our current situation, schools have returned to conducting classes and tests online due to the safety precautions therefore only influencing us negatively and leaving us hindered as to what is expected from us with regards to the examinations. 

We started our International studies during the covid outbreak while undertaking online learning which acts as extreme pressure and holdback to our education and understanding. The vast amount of information that we are expected to review and understand is substantial given that we started and are wrapping up the syllabus online. In comparison to other batches, we are less fortunate and disadvantaged from the perspectives of:

1- Beginning and ending the INTERNATIONAL syllabus in an appropriate studying environment.

2- Having the advantage of understanding first-hand knowledge.

3- Exposed to more practice with regards to completing tests in an IB manner.

4- Being prepared mentally and physically for the international examinations

5- Being privileged enough to conduct the IB mock exams in a stable environment 

6- Completing tests physically and having reviewed the previous concepts learned which aids students to be able to recollect the majority of the syllabus easily.

We are expected to conduct our exams like any other normal year while having accumulated the information taught. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, more than HALF of the units and courses we have been studying, had been taught to us online. Bearing in mind that throughout that time we were stuck slouching on our chairs for 9 consecutive hours whilst being unable to register the information provided due to the improper educational environment. On top of that, the struggle is surreal to the extent where our mental health and social lives have deteriorated. As such it would fit all of our interests that the grades be mainly based on the IAs rather than the examinations given that we cannot maximize our scores in such situations. Not to mention the benefits It will have on every single student that has lacked the experience and teachings.

We are under a tremendous amount of stress as we have had no time to prepare nor did we have time to adapt to the changes occurring around us; this is merely because we have spent the past two years studying and completing tests through online platforms and have no recollection of previous concepts learned and how normal tests were being expedited.

We have been trying our best to persevere during these tough times, but the most we can do is barely get through our school days while having understood everything taught. Let alone go through the exam process with no practice or experience. The bare thought of us being in the examination room and having to write an exam for two continuous hours is unjust and invidious given the disadvantages mentioned. Therefore the call of all students is required to do the impossible and push the schools and government to cancel the exams, this is a global matter affecting all national schools taking the international examinations. Thank you for your support.

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Signatures: 544Next Goal: 1,000
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