Canberra Health Services Need to be held Accountable for Patient Care and Safety

Canberra Health Services Need to be held Accountable for Patient Care and Safety

3 August 2022
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Andrew Barr (ACT Chief Minister)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Liza Smith

Canberra Health Services should be held accountable for patient care and safety at an executive level and if they are unable to do this ministers should be stepping in and taking notice and addressing the incidents. The Canberra Hospital and Canberra Health Services are continually plagued with systemic issues that seem to be never resolved.

Within the last few weeks and months, there have been many stories splashed across the news and social media about care and safety concerns relating to patients within The Canberra Hospital. These concerns have included the care and safety of adults and children along with medical professionals that work within the organisation.

The majority of the concerns are ignored or covered up and the people that have alerted Canberra Health Services have been left with silence. Canberra Health Services do not reach out to people with concerns nor do they offer any resolution or support leaving families in despair. The only time that the concerns are addressed is when the media have been informed and reported on the incidents and even then the support provided by Canberra Health Services is limited.

There are more than 100 serious incidents that have occurred within Canberra Health Services and it takes years before any answers are given even then more time and money is spent with Canberra Health Services trying to cover the incident up than providing an answer and rectifying the situation.

Medical professionals have spoken out about the handling of safety concerns for patients and colleagues and have been met with retaliation of being stood down and investigated for supposed allegations of misconduct and bullying.

The Canberra Hospital recently received accreditation but at what lengths did they go, to cover up and hide the serious incidents that have occurred?

People that utilise The Canberra Hospital deserve to be treated with care and safety especially when they are at their most vulnerable and upon an incident occurring should be treated with respect and supported whilst the incident/concern is being handled.

More money is spent on covering up these incidents than actually fixing the problem.

It is time that the Health Minister and the Chief Minister step in and take control of our Health System and provide people with a Health System that works they should also be stepping in and finding the answers as to when, how and why the incident occurred and they should be FIXING the problem. If executives are not going to be reaching out and supporting these families then these ministers should be reaching out. If they are unable to do this then they should be stepping down and finding someone who can.

We should all be entitled to health care, that should be safe and if medical professionals are speaking out about the handling of safety concerns then there must be a problem.

Patients/Parents/Carers should be listened to not ignored and its time that people stand up and start taking control of what we are paying for.

Please share this petition hopefully the more signatures we get The ACT Government can and should be held accountable for dismal failing healthcare system that is failing everyone health care workers and patients

Please feel free to share any incidents or stories that you would like to be included, these can be anonymous if you choose but it would be good include peoples experiences of the failings, including if it was reported or not and what happened if anything.

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Signatures: 1,561Next goal: 2,500
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