Save Alberta Parks from Shutting-down and Privatization

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Source: Yahoo News

Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Government announced on Tuesday, March 6, 2020, that they would be closing 20 provincial park spaces and selling off 164 others to be privatized.

The changes will effect more than a third of the 473 provincial parks and woodlands, provincial recreation areas, ecological reserves, wilderness areas, natural areas and heritage ranch lands currently managed by the provincial government. 

Of the 20 full and partial closures, 11 of them will be banned from public access, while 9 of them will be accessible but no longer serviced by trail clearing or garbage collection. Camping service fees at existing sites are also expected to go up. Cross-country ski trails in several parks will no longer be open and maintained. 

This can cause a lot of natural landscapes to be bought off and destroyed, animals will be left unprotected.

If the Canadian Government can spend $228 Billion a year on Health Care, the $5 million to maintain the parks shouldn’t be an issue. 

Let’s protect the land we care for. Let’s show them that we don’t stand for this!