Do Political Parties Serve Canadians?

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Citizens have stopped giving unquestioned authority to priests and we give it to the powerful few and their elected fans in political parties. Increasingly, voters believe this arrangement favours telcos, airlines and other huge corporations over the people who own the resources, provide the knowledge and do the work – Canadians. Having a country is a responsibility, not a media event for passive viewing. It's time to act.

We have always had the right to elect independents who will represent us without allegiance to any party. It’s time to exercise that right and we can do it without spending a dime. There is no cost for the politically-engaged electorate to select and elect a local candidate in their riding. There is no need for a costly national media campaign, the money can stay in the community. There is no need for a senate to oversee our decisions, we don’t require political parenting – real and meaningful representation will give us everything we require to manage our own country.

Is it better to have faster party decisions suiting their requirements or more widely considered decisions based on the opinions and desires of Canadians? Millions of Canadians regularly make 338 political decisions from more than a thousand alternatives and do it rapidly and efficiently. Surely, we trust ourselves to elect 338 representatives to make the required decisions in our best interest and in a timely and responsible manner. Or, at least, to do a better job than entrenched political parties.

There is no financial cost to work towards this change, just a commitment to bring better representation to your family, your friends, your community and yourself. A little political socializing could be the best investment you ever make, and the timing couldn’t be more demanding.