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Ban Navy Weapons and Sound testing In Canadian & United States Waters.

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Plain and Simple, They are killing what Marine life we have left! Both Canadian and US Navy are testing in waters weather they want to admit it or not. Killer whales and other marine life are washing up on shore and the cause of their deaths are gruesome! Taken from a recent article of a killer whale dying and washing up on shore due to the testing, "the animal was killed by an explosive device, one of 96 the U.S. Navy deployed in the area in 2011." "The entire body showed evidence of massive blunt trauma, some sort of pressure wave that was very blunt in nature not the pointed bow of a ship or anything," "38 seals died from similar injuries last year." "We'd also, basically, just like them to understand and acknowledge that this is a critical habitat for these whales and should be designated as off limits for this kind of sonar training." ALSO KILLER WHALES ARE ENDANGERED ANIMALS, WHY IS IT OK FOR THE NAVY TO PUT THEM IN DANGER AND POSSIBLY KILL THEM. ITS NOT OK AND IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!

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